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Wisconsin Church Restoration

Cornerstone Restoration has years of experience providing exception restoration services for churches in Wisconsin. Cathedrals and churches require special attention to detail more than most other architectural structures. We have the skills, equipment, and knowledge it takes to bring church structures back to their former glory.  Our steeplejacks and masonry contractors are trained to specifically repair historical buildings and churches.

Church roofs, windows and steeples are exposed to the elements for years, and will require maintenance or restoration at some point. We provide steeple painting and repair, brick replacement, stone and stucco repair, tuck-pointing, and install protective measures.

Don’t wait too long to get your church building checked out. Regular maintenance is recommended to prevent larger, more expensive repairs being needed.

Contact the Wisconsin church restoration experts at Cornerstone Restoration for a quote today.


Professional steeplejacking and steeple repair in Milwaukee
Church steeple completely repaired by Cornerstone Restoration
Completed Milwaukee Steeple Repair
Split steeple repair in progress
Repairing Damaged Church Steeple
After Milwaukee steeple repair
After Milwaukee Steeple Repair
Split church steeple before repair
Split Church Steeple
Split church steeple repaired by Cornerstone
Repaired Split Steeple
Damaged church steeple after repair
Cracked Steeple Repaired
Shattered church steeple before repair
Shattered Church Steeple
Cracked church steeple during repair
Repairing Cracked Church Steeple
Cracked church steeple before repair
Cracked Church Steeple Before
Damaged church steeple repaired by Cornerstone Restoration
Severely Damaged Church Steeple
Church repair specialists
Damaged Church Wall Repair
WI Steeplejacking Service
WI Steeplejacking Service
Church Restoration
Church Restoration
Church Brick Repair
Church Brick Repair
Church Restoration
Church Restoration
Restoration Of Church
Restoration Of Church