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It is with pleasure that I highly recommend Cornerstone Restoration LLC. to your company as a perspective subcontractor. Over the last year, Cornerstone Restoration has become a preferred subcontractor of Universal Restoration Services..."

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New Tribes Bible Institute of Waukesha employed Cornerstone Restoration the summer of 2013 to restore the exterior of our historical Bible College. Our building was constructed in 1895, originally as the Resthaven Resort and is on the historical building register for Waukesha, WI..."

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Kyle has worked on a couple of projects for our company, performing the caulking work. He did a great job. Kyle delivered the product when he told us he would with no hesitation and within the timeframe he was given. Kyle was a pleasure to work with and was very knowledgeable in his field..."

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Concrete and Masonry Repair for Homes, Businesses and Churches

Masonry Restoration Wisconsin Residents Trust

Masonry restoration and repair by Cornerstone Restoration’s professional masons makes your structural and cosmetic brickwork last longer, function better, and look amazing. We fix bricks all over Southern Wisconsin – from Deerfield to Delafield, from Waterloo to Waukesha, masonry restoration is our game.

Cornerstone fixes everything with bricks: exterior and interior walls, retaining walls, brick veneers, chimneys and hearths, brick patios and pathways. Whether you need new masonry construction or simple brick repointing done the right way, Cornerstone Restoration is the masonry company Wisconsin residents recommend again and again.

Wisconsin Concrete and Masonry Repair

Our services include, but are definitely not limited to:

    Wisconsin Chimney Repair

  • Masonry Restoration: Inspection, brick repair, historical restoration, repointing/tuckpointing, chemical cleaning, lintel repair, sealer installation, and sandblasting, as well as CMU, limestone, marble, granite, stucco and terracotta repair.
  • Chimney Repair:  Brick and stone repair, flue repair and cleaning, flue liner installation, flashing installation/repair, concrete cap installation/repair, and sealing. 
  • Precast Concrete: Sealing, epoxy injections and overlays, structural and architectural patching, chemical cleaning, traffic coatings, Kevlar coatings, graffiti guard, and weld/detail repair.
  • Food Service/Waste Treatment: Epoxy and urethane flooring systems, retention tank repair, grouting machining and supports, as well as deconstruction and precision removal.
  • Air/Vapor Barriers: Peel-and-stick house and wall wraps, continuous fluid sprayed air barriers.
  • Foundation Repair: Drain tile repair, sump pump repair, concrete wall repair, epoxy injection, and waterproofing. Both carbon fiber and steel stations.
  • Pool Concrete Repair: Epoxy coatings, fluid applied coatings, concrete/leak repair.
  • Church and Steeple Repair: Steeple, tower, facade and foundation repair and restoration services.
  • Parking Deck Repair and Maintenance: Restore and maintain parking decks year round, including sealing cracks and joint installation.
  • Barn Foundation Repair: Concrete, brick and stone repair, and support column installation.
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Installation: Low-cost, permanent solution to keep bowed walls supported and stabilize concrete structures.

Why Repair Brickwork with Cornerstone Restoration?

Our craftsmen show up on time and don't take shortcuts. A lot of masonry contractors try to minimize their own expenses by smearing a bit of mortar on the problem and calling it done. As they pack up the truck to leave, your wall has the same internal problems- missing/improper flashing, inadequate vapor barrier or even poor drainage and grading around the wall. Winter rolls around and your bricks are spalling and crumbling, and it has to be repaired a second, third, fourth time.

Cornerstone Restoration repairs for longevity. We look at the entire building envelope and fix anything bound to cause problems for you down the road. We’ll never recommend a “quick fix” when your brickwork needs serious care and attention.

Cornerstone Restoration is made up of professional craftsmen who take pride in every aspect of their work.

Wisconsin Concrete and Masonry Repair

Southeastern Wisconsin Church RepairMilwaukee Church and Steeple Repair Services

A house of worship often has a long history. The very bricks that form the walls can also hold much sentiment and memories for the congregation. Some churches in Wisconsin have stood for hundreds years. Repair work on old structures requires diligence, care, expert knowledge and professional capability. You will find all of that and more with the work done by Cornerstone Restoration. Call us for Milwaukee tuck pointing services to fix a problem before it begins, or if you have a crumbling façade we give your building a complete overhaul while retaining as much original brickwork as possible. From the Basilica of Saint Josaphat to Holy Hill, our team of masons and steeplejacks restore the grandeur of Wisconsin church and steeples.

Milwaukee Parking Deck Repairs

Car parks, parking garages and parking ramps eventually need repair to maintain public safety. Material repair including: Milwaukee Parking Deck Repair and Restoration

  • Concrete
  • Waterproof Deck Coatings
  • Damage repair for structural changes caused by the weather 

Ten years ago, there were already more than 24,000 parking garages in the US and there is no denying their importance, as anyone who has ever tried to find a parking space knows all too well. As structures begin to age, experience increased loads and suffer the effects of chemical and de-icing salt usage, parking garages require annual maintenance and repairs. That's when you need to bring in Wisconsin’s top masonry service.

Waukesha Brickwork Restoration

It is no secret that bricklayer masonry has built many to most of our surroundings. Whatever your material, be it concrete, marble, travertine, limestone or cob, call Southeastern Wisconsin's finest mason for your repairs or a quote. Based out of Palmyra, we've repaired and restored many of Waukesha and Milwaukee’s finest buildings and we have the expertise, time and materials to repair our rebuild your building properly.

Contact Wisconsin concrete and masonry professionals today for a quote.